(Through Practice,
A Way to Develop Harmony)

School of Oom Yung Doe

Over the centuries, very few individuals have ever achieved Grandmaster "Iron" Kim's level of skill and ability. This site operates as a reference to the rich history of Oom Yung Doe, Grandmaster “Iron” Kim, and the movements of Moo Doe.

8 Martial Arts Taught As 1

Kong Su/Tae Kwon Do

The focus is on linear speed and snap. Defenses are straight up, down, in, out, and side. Offense is straight, side, back, and forward. The feet are used more often than the hands.


Movements are hard and soft. Target areas are the joints, pressure points, and nerves. Close proximity to the opponent is most beneficial. Hands and feet are equally used in offensive and defensive movements.


The form is soft and develops proper falling techniques without injury by keeping the body flexible, and developing coordination and strength.

Kom Do (Samurai Sword)

Through this form, one keeps strong eye contact with the opponent, while at the same time watching the opponent’s body. Excellent mental and physical development is achieved through this training. The mind, body, and sword must be as one.

Tai Chi Chung

Tai Chi is sometimes described as moving meditation. The art contains movements, which are so varied that they put into play every part of the body with harmonious design and graceful patterns.

Bagua Chung

Through movement, Bagwa focuses the positive Chi (energy) within the body, redirecting and removing the negative Chi, harmonizing one’s mind and body.

Goong Bu/Kung Fu

These forms combine controlled soft and hard movements, while developing flexibility, coordination, strength, and speed. Movement becomes instinctive.

Ship Pal Gae/18 Weapons

This practice focuses on deloping the mind, body, and weapons as one. By controlling body movements and breathing, Ship Pal Gae develops flexibility, coordination, strength, and speed.