2013 Week Long (17th Annual) Palm Springs

2013 Week Long

I really liked all the movements this year. The Yuk Kun Kyong form is an excellent set of movements to warm up with and addresses virtually the entire body. I thought there was an excellent balance in terms of the variety of forms. Each develops different abilities and conditions the body in different ways, so that they all work together as a whole.
Jeff W, age 50

 My personal goal for this year is to improve the flexibility in my back and work toward more smoothness in my forms. This year’s practice has targeted both areas. I found the practice to be challenging, using both muscles and brain power. Thanks so much to the higher belts for all the extra extra attention I’ve been given. Their caring continues to amaze me.
Shirley W, age 70

2013 Week Long

Learning the forms came easier this year. More experience and stronger forms helped me progress faster. The forms seemed to get in deeper than in years past. I always appreciate the personal concern expressed by higher belts.

A particular highlight for me this year was meditation. I experienced deeper and more meaningful meditation than I have ever before. Some of the experiences defy description. This has awakened a strong desire to greatly improve my meditation.
Derek H.

2013 Week Long

The 2013 Weeklong has been one of the most rewarding and beneficial week longs I have attended. The movements we got into during the week were challenging, but balanced. After a thorough warm-up set of movements, we worked on movement that worked every muscle group, and joints, without causing stress or feeling awkward. Not only have I gotten into movement in a deeper, and effective way, but I will be able to carry the movement, and practice back home to reach developmental goals. I got clear direction on how to practice, which I have already put to good use and I plan to continue. Further, the higher belts stepped in constantly to give correction and feedback. I really appreciate their attention and care. This was on top of explaining and demonstrating the forms clearly and repeatedly. They also encouraged students to ask questions. Finally, the Hot, Low-Desert Environment added to the training (Practicing in sun and shade) and gave a unique energy and detoxification sensation from the sweat generated.
Lewi A, age 45

2013 Week Long

Over the course of the weeklong I have tried to push myself as far as I can and through the teaching, guidance, and correction of the Master Level Teaching Team I have been able to experience an entirely new level of flexibility, strength, speed, focus, and discipline. I am very grateful to have been a part of this experience and can’t wait for next year.
Zane J, age 20

I treasure the opportunity to have a week to practice and share experiences with other students each year. One of the best parts of Oom Yung Doe is that you find yourself doing things you never thought you could do. This year, one of our forms had rolls and a cartwheel up off the ground movement. When everyone else rolled to the ground and then cartwheeled up the first time, I just stood there doubtfully. But I really wished I could do it. So I tried it. And, with lots of help and adjustments from many kind and patient instructors over the week, I learned to make a good attempt at the movement. This greatest of challenges has become my favorite and most fun part of our forms. I can see myself rolling in the future.
Helen T, age 49

2013 Week Long

The Walking Meditations this week have been very intense with emotions including intense focus, deep calm, anger with sadness and clear mind. The connectedness I feel with Tong Nan Cho Yo has allowed me to see how multiple blocks and attacks can be used in a defensive situation. I appreciate very much the personal attention I have received from each higher belt helping me to understand and grow. The Bagwa switch this year has allowed me to see and feel the flow of movement and energy in a more expanded way than ever before. Pal Gae Kwon has been the most physically challenging form while the ground movements of Sar-Kwang-ee have challenged my lower back flexibility and stomach strength.
Tom G, age 49

2013 Week Long

The movements this Weeklong have shown me where my body needs improvement. Also, I’m more aware of my internal as well. The forms are varied with movements I have not seen. Sar-Hwang-ee is especially challenging, but I’m already seeing improvement in my knees’ flexibility after 3 days. The form is also giving me an opportunity to try movements that are surprising that someone my age is doing.
Sherry P, age 65

This Weeklong Seminar I have experienced higher levels of constant energy. Though I am both mentally and physically challenged I find that I am feeling stronger and much more alert. My mental and physical strength have greatly accelerated this week.
MacKenzie G, age 35

2013 Week Long Presentation

As a first timer, my concern coming to the Weeklong was whether I would have the stamina to practice several hours a day… At the end of the Bagwa walk, the energy radiating from my hands was so intense I almost stopped walking. Being in such a calm and beautiful environment and receiving such a high level of training has had a rejuvenating effect on my body and mind. I am much more calm and focused then when I arrived. The instruction, attention and patience shown by the teaching team has no equal. You are made to feel a part of the group and in no way lesser than anyone else. This type of environment only occurs when it comes from the top down.
Marie S, age 71

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