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2021 Conference Registration

The First Virtual Traditional Moo Doe Conference and Chung Tae Guk Chung Su Seminar

In order to provide continuous and positive growth to everyone within the Oom Yung Doe schools, Oom Yung Doe and the Master Level Teaching Team are inviting all Instructors and students, 4th section and above, to the first virtual Traditional Moo Doe Conference and Chung Tae Guk Chung Su Seminar.

This conference and seminar is for those who want to improve their own mental, physical, and spiritual abilities and want to learn how to apply these principles toward helping others and building their school. Understanding these principles gives you greater insight into balancing your life with everyone around you whether family, students, friends or co-workers.

This conference and seminar will be held on Friday evening, January 15th – 7:30p to 9:30p EST with second lesson on Saturday January 16th 1:30p to 4:30p EST.

Chung Tae Guk Chung Su With Self-defense Applications

Chung Tae Guk Chung is an advanced form of Oom Yung Doe Tai Chi that focuses on breathing control coupled with isometric resistance to bring energy and strength to specific muscles and tendons. Chung Tae Guk Chung Su is a short form that focuses on some of the key concepts of Chung Tae Guk Chung and their applications to actual self-defense situations. Movements without a foundation are like an empty shell, similar to a dance routine. Chung Tae Guk Chung Su provides foundational strength to significantly increase specific martial arts skills. Some benefits include:

  • Increased internal and external strength
  • Increased willpower
  • Strengthens lungs
  • Improves immune system
  • Improves circulation

The First Virtual TMD Instructor Conference

  • Understanding the History and Depth of Traditional Moo Doe
  • Traditional Moo Doe Today
  • Applying Traditional Moo Doe to Your Everyday Life
  • Balancing in a New Environment - New Reality

4th Section ~ 2nd Degree $250
Weeklong Attendees $200
Certified Instructors $175
Full payment is required by January 9th to hold your spot. Registrations and payments later than January 9th will incur a $35 late fee penalty.

A $50 down payment is required to register. Balance payments are due by January 9th, 2021.
Registrations and down payments later than January 9th, 2021 will result a $35 late fee.

Tuition Due:
Late Fee: $35 (after 1/9/2021)

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