Traditional Moo Doe Proper Training System

A systematic and comprehensive approach to training in proper Traditional Moo Doe methods and techniques. Proven as one of the fastest ways to gain maximum benefits without any fabrication. Through Traditional Moo Doe your mind, body and spirit can discover a positive Life Transforming experience.
Evaluation and Lesson Taught by Master Level Teaching Team Segments 1 through 4 prepare a student for an Evaluation and a Lesson. This allows a student to reach their full potential and progress to their maximum level of skill and ability. A student can earn this opportunity through the International Level Point System and by achieving a minimum rank of International 1st Degree Black Belt.
Taught 3 times per year Segment 4
International Level Teaching Team
Segment 4 will focus on making International Level adjustments to quickly elevate an individual’s skill and ability to an international level. This includes:

  • Individualized adjustments to improve and accelerate the student’s skill, ability and condition.
  • Learning how to harmonize the mind, body and movement.

Benefits: This level of training starts to bring the student’s mind, body, and movement together as one, accelerating the student’s skill and ability in actual situations. This level also begins developing the student’s internal and external muscle strength. With the development attained the student will adapt to and absorb their Sae Gae Moo Doe Hyung and Specialty Seminars much more quickly and easily, allowing for greater personal benefit.In addition, International Level Degree Program students will receive:

  • Two (2) Weeklong and two (2) Weekend Sae Gae Moo Doe seminars @ a 35% price reduction.
  • Sae Gae Moo Doe Hyung or Specialty seminars @ an average of 30% price reduction.
  • Program includes 50% of the points required to take the International Level 1st and 2nd Degree Test.
  • International Level Degree Test. Upon reaching an International Level Degree each student will receive an International Level Recognition Package which includes: Degree Certificate, Belt Tags, Uniform Patch, and ID.
Taught 1 time per month Segment 3
Local National Teaching Team
Segment 3 will focus on effectively turning 45°, 90 °, 180 °, 270 ° and 360 °. This includes:

  • Learning how to move and change directions without losing body control and strength.
  • Learning sparring sets which enable the body to move in different directions against multiple attackers.

Benefits: This level of training allows the mind and body to begin working together while turning in all directions, improving overall condition, flexibility, timing, coordination, and body positions. This level also allows students to begin mentally comprehending and physically absorbing their movements.

Taught 2 times per month Segment 2
Local Regional Teaching Team
Segment 2 will focus on how to apply and connect their curriculum movements. This includes:

  • Learning how to execute curriculum sequences without having to think about each step of their movement.
  • Learning how to use sets of blocks and attacks in sparring to improve their coordination, timing, and control.

Benefits: This level of training begins working the muscles and joints together to re-harmonize the whole body, developing improved body positions with greater control and timing.

Taught daily at local school Segment 1
Local Instructor to Head Instructor
Segment 1 will focus on memorizing set patterns of movements (sequences).
This includes: Katas (blocks, hand attacks and kicks), Short Hyung (Dan Hyung), Long Hyung (Chang Hyung), Weapons (Tan Bong, Chong Bong, Kom, Sam Pyo Chung, Doe, Kom Doe, Chung Sul, Chung Yun Doe, etc.), and Self Defense.
Benefits: This level of training is developing the less frequently used muscles and joints of the body, and it is improving the overall condition, flexibility, coordination and strength of the student.
International Level Degree Programs can be two or three years in length. However, an accelerated degree program of less than two years can be designed for individuals that desire to achieve instructor level in a much shorter period of time. Individuals must be qualified and approved for accelerated training.

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