Traditional Moo Doe Morals

Two Ways to Recognize Knowledge

Knowledge can be copied and memorized or knowledge can be absorbed for full understanding.

Absorbed Knowledge

Is understanding principles and fitting them into your daily life

Copied Knowledge

Is repeating facts or someone else’s idea without fully understanding the meaning.

Absorbing knowledge is building a clear understanding of the principles of life. One important principle is the understanding of right and wrong. People who understand the principles of right and wrong are not confused by poor judgment, or swayed by the personal opinions and misjudgments of others. Rather they have the understanding necessary to make balanced decisions. People who have absorbed knowledge do not wish they had done things differently. They have no regrets.


In absorbing knowledge, one does not look at only one side, but sees both sides. Copying knowledge without fully absorbing its meaning can lead to poor judgment and poor decisions that can create enemies and deep regrets. Through absorbed knowledge one builds a better understanding of oneself , which enables one to continuously improve and faster reach success.

It is good to see someone use the knowledge they have absorbed to benefit themselves, their families and friends and build a happy successful life. It is sad to see in current society, someone who has copied knowledge be confused by his or her own misjudgment and swayed by others. Through this confusion and misjudgment, one risks losing opportunities to better themselves, risks losing those close to them and risks ending up alone with a lifetime of painful regrets.


Casting Doubt



When someone expresses doubt in another person’s ability, it is for one of two reasons. The first reason is the most obvious and meant without harm. This person asks earnestly for clarification, so that he or she may better comprehend and understand. The individual inquires with respect, asking to learn and perhaps to discern if the path, which led to this ability, would possibly be available for him or her to study.

The second reason doubt is cast on someone’s ability is far darker. It comes from a mind which itself is filled with deception and feels threatened. This response casts doubt with negative intonations in order to lead this strength away from what is true to the person who is mired in deception. As any illness will fight healing, so too will lies fight reality. This doubt is intended to create confusion, destroying and damaging the credibility of the Moo Doe practitioner.

To listen to this type of misinformation is to give credit to an incredible source. If one is pure in strength and ability his interest is in hoping to sincerely learn. The “must see” person is absorbed only in himself, trying to disprove others to raise himself. To give attention to this person is a waste of time.

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