Rank and Position Uniform Recognition System

8th Degree Black Belt 7th & 6th Degree Black Belt 5th & 4th Degree Black Belt 3rd Degree Black Belt
Head Instructor & Assistant Head Instructor
HNI8thDegIntlPatches NI7thDegIntlPatches RHI5thDegIntlPatches HI3rdDegIntlPatches
3rd Degree Black Belt 2nd Degree Black Belt Certified Instructor 1st & 2nd Degree Black Belt White Belt – 6th Section
3rdDegPatches 2ndDegCertPatches 2ndDegPatches below1stDegPatches
Master Intern Program Patches
WaeGongMasterIntern NaeGongMasterIntern ShimGongMasterIntern
Master Intern patches are worn on the left side of the uniform under the tiger-dragon symbol and position patches.
Uniform Trim
8thDegLeg 7thDegLeg 6thDegLeg 5thDegLeg 4thDegLeg
3rdDegBronzeLeg 3rdDegWhiteBronzeLeg 2ndDegWhiteBronzeLeg 2ndDegLeg 1stDegLeg
1stDegIntlUnif 6thSecIntlUnif 5thSecIntlUnif 4thSecIntlUnif
1st Degree Black Belt 6th Section 5th Section 4th Section
3rdSecIntlUnif 2ndSecIntlUnif 1stSecUnif WBUnif
3rd Section 2nd Section 1st Section White Belt
Uniform Emblems
MindBodyHarmony UniformLeft
Left Side
Right Side
Uniform Back Uniform Front
Symbols & Characters

The tiger is symbolic of the physical world and the dragon signifies the mental or spiritual world. Together they represent a harmony between the two worlds. The Chinese symbol Yin/Yang (Oom Yung) in the background stands for the balance of life.


The right hand is a reminder to accept a good or right challenge in life. The two swords stand for the Chinese symbol for balance and harmony: Yin/Yang (Oom Yung).


The Half-Moon trim found on uniforms for higher belts stands for peace.


The Original Oom Yung patch found on uniforms for higher belts represents balance and harmony.

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