18th Annual Week Long Seminar (2014)

2014 Traditional Moo Doe Week Long Seminar

“One of the fastest ways to harmonize the mind and body, leading to longevity and a better quality of life.”

Friday, July 11 – Wednesday, July 16

2013 Week Long
Master Level Team Team Demonstrating in East Asia
2013 Week Long
Puchae_jumpA_wb GroupSDa View Video highlights from the 2012 Traditional Moo Doe Week Long Seminar
view video highlights
from 2012 seminar
2013 Traditional Moo Doe Weeklong Seminar Palm Springs, CA

This year’s 2014 week long will be held at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA

The Power of the Ocean. Forest and Mountains

Korea_CSB_TomA The 2014 Traditional Moo Doe Weeklong Seminar program will consist of specific balanced movements that allow the practitioner to receive the most benefit from the ocean, forest and mountain environment of the Pacific Northwest. These movements are very powerful and can be quickly absorbed allowing the practitioner to obtain a tremendous condition in just one week’s time – leading to improved health and longevity. Bellingham, WA was selected for the 2014 Weeklong Seminar to take advantage of the unique energies of the coastal environment with its surrounding forest and adjacent mountains.

10 Unique Environments

Each natural environment has its own unique energies and benefits for training allowing the practitioner to develop the full benefits from the movements – inner strength, connection of mind & body, and fully harmonizing the body.

There are approximately 10 different ideal natural environments, including the ocean, mountains, forest, and desert all of which have many variable combinations of vegetation, ground elevation, etc. Over the centuries, true masters chose to practice in specific environments in order to absorb different energies and the methods/techniques that fit these specific environments thereby allowing them to achieve master level.

Oom Yung Doe will continue to teach only the Chung Doe line of Traditional Moo Doe. Currently, in the United States, only a small number of schools are able to teach and demonstrate Traditional Moo Doe skill and ability. Students will see live Traditional Moo Doe demonstrations with explanations from the Master Level Teaching Team. They will clearly experience the incredible strengths of Traditional Moo Doe movements. What you see demonstrated in these movements are the skills and abilities you can achieve, allowing you to reap lifelong benefits.

Some of the foundation forms and techniques being taught at the 2014 Weeklong Seminar include:

Value of the 2014 Traditional Moo Doe Week Long Seminar:
Name List Price Notes
Red Dragon (Hwa Yong Bope) $480 These can be applied to Oom Yung Doe Tournament Events
Eagle form (Tuksuli Bope) $480
Kyung Gong Sul Bope foundation $480
Chung Su Yong Ma $480
Chung Su Doo Doe Gee $480
Bagwa Chung walking and switching techniques $480
Self Defense/Sparring Techniques $480
Two Championship Courses $660 each 2 sets of Foundation Adjustments (for the Hwa Yong Bope and Tuksuli Bope)
Total Value $4680
The average student fee (Pre-Registration) $1,420

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Testimonials from the 2013 Traditional Moo Doe Weeklong Seminar

Programs available to families

Special lessons available for children

Programs available to former instructors and students

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Campus Details

Lesson Schedule



Do Not Neglect Yourself

A Philosophy of Traditional Moo Doe


Throughout the centuries, masters of Traditional Moo Doe have researched and developed proper movements that quickly lead to a higher physical, mental and spiritual condition. Traditional Moo Doe movements are known to remove negativity from all aspects of one’s life leaving only room for positive. A philosophy of Traditional Moo Doe states that if you have time to make excuses about what you have not achieved, use that time to improve your ability and reach your full potential. Ultimately, good habits lead to good character and a good character allows you to change your reality for the better. If you do not use your full ability how do you expect a more outstanding life?

History has proven that the teachings of Traditional Moo Doe are very highly sought after because a practitioner can bring the mind, body, and spirit together. Through this you are able to reach your fullest potential and develop incredible strength and peace while extending your youthfulness, increasing your longevity, and extending your years of full activity. Traditional Moo Doe allows practitioners of any age or body type to quickly improve their condition. This is important because you can train your entire life and never develop to your fullest potential unless you learn how to develop properly. Finding the proper path is most important. Effort given to movements that do not fit one’s individual needs and age produce limited, short-term benefits. According to Traditional Moo Doe, it is extremely important to witness a practitioner’s skill and ability before you begin your practice. If a practitioner is unable to show that they have achieved a high level of skill and ability it is impossible for them to teach others. This is what separates non-traditional martial arts practitioners from Traditional Moo Doe practitioners.

No More Excuses


It is common to hear people say that they are too busy to properly take care of themselves. Neglecting yourself eventually leads to mental, physical, and spiritual pain, as well as pain that extends on to your loved ones. Maintaining yourself is the key to maintaining your success, because if you lose yourself you will lose all that you have built and all that you have acquired.

One of the main reasons that Traditional Moo Doe is valued so highly is due to the fact that through your practice you can immediately increase your chi and harmonize your condition. Eventually you will attain the ability to diagnose your own condition in order to prevent illness; you will gain the ability to harmonize and correct any mental or physical imbalance. By practicing, you will have a more balanced physical, mental, and spiritual condition. Remember, life is filled with ups and downs so it is important to maintain balance. As you begin to see your condition continuously improve, the strength that you gain through your practice will become available to you at all times during all circumstances of life. With a balanced condition you will be able to change your reality for the better; this is the challenge of life.


The Practice of Traditional Moo Doe

Worldwide, millions of people have benefited through Traditional Moo Doe. Since 1972, in the United States alone, Oom Yung Doe has continued to help millions of people by building a strong foundation based upon Traditional Martial Arts principles, therefore giving everyone the opportunity to improve themselves. At Oom Yung Doe proper movement is taught utilizing proper positions, breathing techniques, eye positions, focus and meditation. Herbal equipment and extracts that have been used for centuries by higher Moo Doe practitioners, when used in conjunction with proper movement, will enable every person, regardless of age or condition, to accelerate and increase their level of internal and external strength.


Like no other discipline, Traditional Moo Doe movements adjust to your age, body type, and condition. You will clearly see the benefits of Traditional Moo Doe by practicing only 4 to 5 hours a week. As you continue your practice and your condition improves, the amount of time that you need to practice will decrease and the benefits that you receive will quickly increase. Through Oom Yung Doe, you will learn the ancient principles of Moo Doe. Through your practice, you will be able to fully harmonize your body, challenge yourself and reach your ultimate level of mental, physical, and spiritual strength. Remember, life is only once, you do not have a spare life. Do not neglect yourself.



The 2014 Weeklong Seminar will be taught by the Master Level Teaching Team to ensure the highest quality of instruction.

The Master Level Teaching Team:

  • will be directly involved and personally teaching all aspects of the training
  • will teach National Instructors and Assistant National Instructors about the meaning and purpose of the movements and how to properly assist in teaching the lessons



Form and Movement



The 2014 Traditional Moo Doe Week Long Seminar program is balanced to receive the most benefit from the local environment. These movements are very powerful and can be quickly absorbed, allowing the practitioner to obtain a tremendous condition in just one week for better health and greater longevity. Through the internal purification and meditation taught at this seminar, it is estimated that you will increase your life expectancy by at least one year.

This seminar will provide some of the foundation techniques that are necessary to absorb higher-level Traditional Moo Doe movements. These techniques are important building blocks that allow the practitioner to properly develop his or her particular mind and body, and prepare for higher-level forms that will aid his or her full development. This development will quickly be felt and can become a life-transforming experience. The movements and meditation of this seminar will allow you to purify yourself internally, which will build your hidden internal strength. Ultimately, this will lead you to properly focus your internal and external strengths of mind and body to come together as one.


• Traditional Moo Doe Moving Meditation:

This year’s seminar will include Traditional Moo Doe moving meditation (one of eight methods). Practice of this movement at the week long seminar can allow students to achieve a strong connection between the mind and body with as little as fifteen minutes of practice (the actual time will depend on the individual student). Practice over the course of the week will reduce the effects of stress, increase focus and increase mental acuity. You will immediately feel the difference.

GigongA GigongB

• Red Dragon (Hwa Yong Bope):

The red dragon is characterized as being very powerful and very aggressive in nature once provoked. The Dragon uses flexibility to twist, turn, spin and coil to either evade an attack or to gather energy and unleash a devastating strike of its own. The red dragon form develops all of the joints and their connective tissues which makes the entire body strong and flexible. The coiling nature of this form when practiced along with proper breathing stimulates proper function of all of the internal organs which in turn provides a more overall balanced and healthy condition. reddragon 4
reddragon 1 reddragon 3

• Eagle form (Tuksuli Bope):

Tuksuli Bope is eagle form.  The eagle is known for its speed, grace and precision in flight and its powerful claws as it descends upon its prey. The practitioner must bring to life these qualities within the form in order to inherit these qualities within themselves. Through proper and consistent practice one realizes an overall balanced development  of strength and flexibility in the upper, middle and lower areas of the body.

eagle 1 eagle 3

• Kyung Gong Sul Bope foundation:

Kyong Gong Sul Bope is described as “moving like a feather in the air”.  Anyone who has this ability carries tremendous strength. During this weeklong 3 (of 18) Kyung Gong Sul Bope foundations will be taught.

• Championship Course Training:
Championship Course Training incorporates Key Foundation level adjustments that allow the Mind, Body, and Movement to Quickly Come Together as One (Pyramid Power)

  • Balances the weaker, underdeveloped portions of the body so that the student can fully utilize the techniques in their Chung Dan Hyung
  • This is the only training that allows you to reach your full potential in less than 10% of the time otherwise required
  • Brings the inner core, the 3 sections of the body, and the outer extremities together for the deepest internal benefit and the strongest offense and defense from the movement.
  • Proper mental focus on the entire body for the maximum strength and efficiency of the movement: the mind knows what the body is doing, both come together as one with movement.
  • Championship Course training is a personalized coaching program that incorporates foundation level adjustments, which are tailored to the individual’s needs. Foundation movements enable a deeper understanding and absorption of the movements in order to quickly improve your condition, skill, and ability as well as provide accelerated training in preparation for the Traditional Moo Doe Tournaments.
  • Through the Championship Course training the student can fully absorb the movement resulting in incredible mental and physical benefits; achieving a gold medal can only be accomplished through fully absorbing the movements.
  • Every individual’s skill and ability level, overall body condition, learning ability, and determination vary; thus, the coaching program is tailored to the individual.
  • The student’s strong and weak points are identified and the focus typically begins with the individual’s weakest points first. Attention is often placed on the proper development of the upper, middle, or lower sections of the body through Foundation Movements.
  • The student will learn intricacies that lead to the fullest strength, skill and ability and
    fullest physical and mental benefits of the movement
  • In addition to the practitioner’s skill and ability increasing, their condition will change immeasurably and very quickly with each step of this program. They will usually notice a significant difference within the first week. This allows balanced development in all parts of the body.


• Chung Su Yong Ma:

Chung Su Yong Ma Movement is like that of a wagon wheel. The practitioner uses closed fists, locked elbows and moves in a circle. The movements are very powerful and offensive and defensive actions are combined together as one. The power of these movements is generated from the middle body thus developing core and spinal flexibility and strength.


• Chung Su Doo Doe Gee:

Chung Su Doo Doe Gee Movement is like that of a mole as it navigates through its underground passage ways.  Attacks are targeted below the waist. Fingers are together like an eagle’s beak. Tremendous lower body strength and exceptional upper body speed develop through the practice of this form.

dodogee 2 dodogee 1


• Bagwa Chung Walking and Switching Techniques:

The Oom Yung line of Bagwa consists of 360 techniques that were derived from nature’s elements and the movements of various animals. Bagwa training enables you to move your body like a coiled spring, smoothly and lightly, but with tremendous speed and power. Bagwa training encompasses very powerful offensive and defensive movements that develop both internal and external strength. Some of the benefits of Bagwa include:

  • Agility, combined with speed and power
  • Improved offensive and defensive capabilities
  • Tremendous internal and external strength
  • Longevity
  • Increased Chi
  • The development of Nae Gong


• Self Defense/Sparring Techniques:

The proper technique enables the practitioner to utilize their full body strength. By learning to effectively use one’s entire body, it is commonly known that even a 90-pound woman that has absorbed this technique could easily knock down a 250-pound man. The practice of proper technique is also known to quickly increase chi that harmonizes the internal system while developing deep joint and muscle strength throughout the body while maintaining flexibility.

• Nae Shim Gong:

  • Nae ~ brain or internal
  • Shim ~ heart or soul
  • Gong ~ develop, build, purify
weeklong 2007 314f

This year’s seminar will feature advanced Nae Shim Gong techniques to quickly control stress and relax the mind.

Without purifying your mind, body and soul it is extremely difficult to achieve your ultimate condition or your maximum level of mental and physical skill and ability.

Through Nae Shim Gong you gain the power to develop a high level of physical, mental and spiritual strength and ability. Oftentimes, many people do not realize what proper meditation consists of. If the proper methods of meditation – Shim Gong or Chom Sun – are unknown then it is nearly impossible to purify your soul; it is as if you were trying to reach a destination without the proper map, if you do not know where you are going, you cannot find your destination.

In today’s society, there are so many people who wish to better themselves by purifying, strengthening and unifying their mind, body and spirit. However, those who focus solely on reading and memorizing meditation techniques and teachings do not realize that the best way to reach a higher spiritual level is to purify their soul. History has proven that by purifying yourself you are able to set your ground and become rooted, which ultimately gives you the wisdom and strength to change your reality. Therefore you gain the ability to balance with society in order to maintain a happier daily life even in a world filled with stress and constant pressure.


Throughout history many people have wished to attain inner peace and achieve a high level of spirituality. In order to learn correctly many individuals search to find a venerated master who has reached a very high level of spirituality and awakening who is thereby able to teach them the proper principles and methods. Learning the proper techniques and principles are of utmost importance. If your technique and understanding is not correct it is almost impossible to purify yourself in order to attain inner peace and strength.

History has proven that Traditional Moo Doe is one of the fastest, safest and most effective ways to learn proper Nae Shim Gong techniques and principles.

Other forms and meditation techniques may be taught based on the climate and conditions at the time of the seminars.

Photos from the 2013 Traditional Moo Doe Week Long Seminar
2013 Week Long Bagwa_groupA_wb


All of the weeklong foundation movements will utilize herbal equipment for accelerated development. There will also be additional training based upon the given climate and environmental conditions.


2013 Traditional Moo Doe Weeklong Seminar
Palm Springs, CA

Herbal Tea

Throughout history the knowledge and secrets of herbal teas have been guarded and used by Traditional Moo Doe Grandmasters, Masters and physicians of many East Asian royal families. These unique teas have been known to bring a person quickly to balance and harmony. These teas will be available two times a day throughout the week.


Families welcome

A special weeklong program is available for family members that are interested in joining lessons for the week. The movements taught will be easy to learn and provide great benefits for anyone. Contact Oom Yung Doe at weeklong@oomyungdoe.com for details.

Children welcome

Programs are available during the week long seminar for children of all ages. Contact Oom Yung Doe at weeklong@oomyungdoe.com for details.



Programs available to former instructors and students

Due to numerous requests from former instructors and students that would like to participate in the weeklong seminar, Oom Yung Doe has made special training and tuition arrangements available for these individuals. If you are interested in the details of these programs, contact Oom Yung Doe at weeklong@oomyungdoe.com. Many students and instructors from around the world are achieving higher levels of skill and ability through Chong Dan Hyung Seminars.


2013 Traditional Moo Doe Week Long Seminar

Registration Information

Please use the information to the right for any correspondence.

Electronic Registration Form (submit registration electronically)
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Oom Yung Doe, LLC
4901 Morena Blvd #1102
San Diego, CA 92117
website: www.oomyungdoe.com
email: weeklong@oomyungdoe.com


Campus Details


The location for this year’s Weeklong Seminar will be Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham was selected for the 2014 Week Long Seminar to take advantage of the unique energies of the ocean environment with its surrounding forest and adjacent mountains.

Bellingham WA Western Washington University

Google Map

Weeklong Lesson Schedule

Tentative schedule
(may be adjusted for conditions during the day)
Fri 7/11 Sat 7/12 Sun 7/13 Mon 7/14 Tue 7/15 Wed 7/16
Morning  8-11 am 8-11 am 8-11 am 8-11 am 8-11 am 8-11 am
Free Time (Lunch)  11 am – 2 pm
Afternoon  3-6 pm 2-5 pm 2-5 pm 3-6 pm 3-6 pm 3-6 pm
Evening  banquet


Directions from the university website

Travel Options:

  • Bellingham International Airport
    Allegiant Air – www.allegiantair.com
    Alaska/Horizon Airlines – www.alaskaair.com
  • Greyhound (800) 231-2222
    From Bellingham to downtown Seattle and Vancouver BC. Refer to www.greyhound.com for student discounts.
  • County Bus (360) 676-7433
    Bellingham/Whatcom County bus system via Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA). Bus schedules available online at www.ridewta.com.
  • Car Rentals
    Avis – (800) 230-4898
    Enterprise – (800) 261-7331
    Hertz – (800) 654-3131
  • Airporter Shuttle (866) 235-5247
    Shuttle service from Sea-Tac International Airport (100 mi. south of Bellingham).
  • Quick Shuttle (800) 665-2122
    Shuttle service from Vancouver International Airport (50 mi. north of Bellingham).
  • Taxicabs (local)
    Yellow Cab – (800) 281-5430
  • Train (800) 872-7245
    Amtrak departs from Fairhaven (south Bellingham) traveling south through Seattle and north through Vancouver, BC. Refer to www.amtrak.com for student discounts.
  • Alaska Ferry (800) 382-9229
    Departs from the Bellingham Cruise Terminal and travels via Alaska’s Inside Passage.

Vancouver, BC (1 hour north of Bellingham, 2 hours by train)

Things to do in Vancouver, BC

Whale Watching/San Juan Islands


It is the mission of Oom Yung Doe, to accept the challenge and responsibility to teach the Chung Doe line of Traditional Moo Doe knowledge as it has been taught over the centuries. It is our hope to practice the values and morals of Traditional Moo Doe in our lives and to follow the principles of honor, integrity, loyalty and compassion.  We shall remain open-minded and always be willing to learn and, through good communication, help build a line of learning for others to follow.


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